Robust 5/3/1 Program Tracker
The latest app for weightlifters doing Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 program! Five/Three/One is a focused and intuitive app helping you achieve what really matters: Getting Stronger.

No more bringing a crumbled workout sheet to the gym, no more messing around spreadsheets to update your weights. From calculating your cycles, to telling you what plates to put on the bar, Five/Three/One does it all.

Features include:

- Planning and scheduling your whole 5/3/1 cycle
- Charting your progress
- Rest timer with notifications
- Automatic plating calculation
- Calculating your next cycle based on your performance
- Notes associated with each sets
- Home screen widget showing your your current and upcoming workouts
- Lbs/kg support

Optional paid features:
- Customize which plates you're using and change your barbell's weight
- Customize templates assistance work and define your own exercises
- Beyond 5/3/1 templates and options, from Joker Sets to FSL, Pyramid and much more!

As weightlifters doing 5/3/1 ourselves, we made the app we wanted after being dissatisfied with what was out there. More than just a glorified spreadsheet, we designed it to be focused on each task at hand. With even more great features in the pipeline, we're stoked to release the app for others to use and can't wait to hear your feedback!

We use it, we love it, and we're sure you will too.