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Fluent Guru    Education

Learn new phrases, speak your new language confidently, practice at your own pace.
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Whether you are trying to learn a new language, brush up on a language you already know, or quickly learn a few phrases at the last minute before a trip Fluent Guru provides you with the tools and learning modes to excel.

Fluent Guru offers you:
- Ready made Phrase Packs: Unsure of where to start we provide you with a library of purpose built phrases to learn that will be useful depending on the situation.

- Learn What Matters To You: We allow you to build your own set of phrases that will automatically work with our different learning modes so you can spend more time on the phrases you actually want to learn.

- Audio enabled phrases to learn: Never fear speaking your new language, as the audio enabled phrase packs enable you to speak with the confidence of a local.

- Practice Reminders: Never forget to practice again as consistency is key when learning a new language. Fluent Guru provides you with the ability to set daily reminders for practicing your new language.

Learning Modes:
- Flash Card Mode: The simplest of all of the learning modes this allows you to practice when you only have a few minutes. This mode turns your phrase pack into a collection of audio enabled flash cards.

- Interactive Mode: Learn your phrases by building out their corresponding translations. This mode allows you to think through how you would construct your phrases without the hassle of working about your spelling.

- Conversation Mode: Simulate a conversation by stepping though a number of different potential dialogs. As with all learning modes audio is also supported as you step through your conversations.

Learn English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese and many more today by downloading the app now!