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Car Usage Restriction    Auto & Vehicles

Official alerts from Mexico Government on the Mexico City car usage restriction program.

Mexico City has a car usage restriction program, where certain cars are not allowed to be used for one day each week. Sometimes, due to pollution, the program is modified to allow even less cars to be used. But the government does not notify about the change in any place other than Twitter.

A lot of people do not use Twitter, which makes it difficult for them to get the information about the new policies on time.

Using the car when is not allowed can be really expensive if the owner gets a ticket. Even if a car is allowed to be used during a specific day, if the policy suddenly changes and this car is hit by the restriction program, the owner will get a ticket. Even if the change happened within minutes.

This application developed with Flutter is able to get the official government notifications from Twitter and display them to the users. A quick check on the app can save them a lot of money and a lot of time.