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ESP development application    Casual

Let's awaken the power you have!
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An application to develop your super powers (see through ability).
You can easily feel your sleeping supernatural powers easily anytime and anywhere.

It is a simple ESP (Perspective Capability) development application that anyone can start immediately.
It's easy to do! Just hit the same color and shape as the problematic card out of the inverted ESP cards.

Level rises if you answer correctly at each level 10 consecutive times.
If you get incorrect on the way, it will be redone from the first question.

For level 1 to 4 please apply the figure written on the card.
Levels 5 to 8 should be colored and figures written on the card.
Levels 9 and 10 are designed so that problems can not be seen, so please look through the problem and hit the card.

Aim for level 10, let's do our best!