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Frypto - Crypto Portfolio    Finance

Frypto is a cryptocurrency app for information, price alerts, news and to build a portfolio. With support for all trading cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens.

Some features:
- Build a portfolio and get detailed information about your crypto's
- Data in 31 currencies
- The latest prices from multiple exchanges
- Create price alerts and get notified
- A customizable list of all cryptocurrencies
- A feature to filter on your selected favourite crypto's
- Detailed information about specific cryptocurrencies
- Charts with data from up to 2 years ago
- News about cryptocurrencies from popular news sites
- Protect your information with a passcode or FaceID/TouchID
- Calculate crypto from and to 31 currencies
- Create a QR code to request a transaction from someone
- Find places near you that accept Bitcoin as a payment method
- A customizable experience in the entire app
- Simple design
Supported cryptocurrencies:
- All trading cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens

If you encounter any problems or have suggestions on how to make Frypto even better, send an email to