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Kut In    Entertainment

Kut In is a Flutter app that shows random, wise Kanye West quotes. ;-)

Ever wanted a mobile app that throws wise and random Kanye West quotes at you whenever you'd like?

Look no further! Kut In is here for you.

Kut In is a Flutter app that provides you with a whole bunch of random Kanye West quotes to meet your spiritual and philosophical needs.

Note: This app was initially made for #FlutterCreate, a contest by Google that challenges developers to build a beautiful Flutter app using 5KB or less of Dart code. The first version of this app was my submission for the contest. The app will be under development for future enhancements starting April 2019.

Find out more about #FlutterCreate here:

Upcoming features:
1. Daily notifications for quotes.
2. About screen for more info on the app and the developer (SMH).

Alternatively, you can also get these quotes on this web app:

Big shout-out to Andrew Jazbec! Without his API, which can be found here, this app wouldn't be possible.

App Developer: Bapusaheb Patil