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Sudoku Game    Puzzle

All insane boards are here :)

Sudoku is hands down one of the most interesting puzzle games that's ever developed. This app beats every other such Sudoku apps by presenting unlimited number of levels with ever varying complexities and intricacies.
You get to have fun with not just 9x9 boards but a whole next level insanely difficult levels extending upto 18x18 boards.

Features :
+ Generates an infinite variety of sudoku boards.
+ Unlimited levels of any board.
+ Play from a beginner friendly 6x6 board till impossible 15x15 , 18x18 boards .
+ Eye catching colors indicating your status while playing and to aid you in your play.
+ Hints are there for you to help you in times of need. I'm sure you won't need it though ;-)
+ Number filling method makes it easy to select a number and keep on filling it onto the board which saves time.

The Stage is set and the board is waiting to be filled.
Can you move your way up to the impossible 18x18 board ? Time to show your wit :)