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ultimate pi    Education

Learn the pi decimals by challenging yourself in a fun way!!

Do you want to learn some of the infinite PI decimals?

Yes? Well, you've come to the right app. With this pi trainer app you'll learn the PI decimals in a competitive way! Get as many points you can by entering the pi decimals. Try to enter the pi decimals as fast as you can to get combos that increases your points! The longer the combo the more points you get!!

You can:
- Study pi and memorize digits on the "help" page.
- View you pi high score and your longest combo in the stats page.
- Challenge yourself or just casually train pi decimals in the "go" page.

Ultimate pi: helps you learn pi by letting you study the decimals and then typing them out indicating when you typed the wrong digit and showing the correct one for you to learn by your mistakes.

Why learn pi decimals?
- Impress your friends at parties.
- It's so fun!
- Increase your memory capacity.

Share your results with others via social media or as a message so you know that you are better at remembering pi than your friends :D