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Flutter Travel App - Travel Hour    MRB Lab

A complete flutter travel app with admin panel

Travel Hour is a complete travel guide app based on a country which is completely developed on Google’s Flutter. It has also a admin panel which is also developed on Flutter Web. It works on both android & iOS. We have used Firestore Database as backend and Provider for state management and applied lots of animations to make this user friendly. We have used Google maps and Its APIs to get nearby data like hotels and restaurants and show routes between the source and destination. It contains 50+ screens, clean & structured code sample.

What you will get

* Source code of complete app for both android & iOS.
* Source code of admin panel website.
* Step by step documentation to setup android, iOS, and admin panel website properly.
* Future updates for free.


* Animated Splash Screen.
* Login with both Google and Facebook.
* Beautiful on boarding screen.
* Flare Animation
* Loading animation like Facebook.
* User Profile
* Edit Profile – It includes changing name and profile picture.
* User likes and Review Feature.
* Bookmark feature
* Place description supports HTML text so that you can apply custom design with HTML
* Search feature
* Travel Blog – Like a News app. Blog description also supports HTML.
* Travel Guide – It includes a map showing routes between source location and destination location, Estimated price, and steps to go that destination.
* Nearby hotels and restaurants – We used Google Places API to show nearby hotels and restaurants on a map. We applied an interactive animation between Google Map and Listview.
* Backend – Firestore Database which is super fast and secure database from Google.
* State Management – Provider, which makes the app super fast.

How to get source code in code canyon ? Visit this link