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Fluxstore Listing    Travel & Local

The Best Directory WooCommerce app by Flutter
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Fluxstore Listing is a product that makes with love by InspireUI.

Take your listing business to the next level with Fluxstore Listing
An innovative Listing app by Flutter framework

Create, manage, organize and monetize any listing business with ease thanks to Fluxstore Listing by Flutter Framework. Whatever you’re offering, Fluxstore Listing is a powerful app that makes it quick and easy to create a seamless, beautiful and functional WooCommerce directory for your business.

Using the Fluxstore Listing app, you can connect to your favorite listing template and Google Spreadsheet, and build powerful listings websites like Yelp, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, and Foursquare. Fluxstore uses the cutting-edge Flutter framework for the most seamless experience – both on your end and the user’s.

Reasons You’ll Love Fluxstore Listing

With Fluxstore Listing, you’ll be able to:

+ Maximize your website’s potential with an integrated listing application, eliminating the need to spend a huge amount of money building a separate mobile app from scratch to run alongside your site.
+ Give your customers a seamless and easy experience.
+ Display your listings in the best and most beautiful way.
+ Customize your listings website to suit your needs and match your branding exactly as you imagine it.
+ Personalize to individual users, allowing you to achieve the greatest results by giving them exactly what they are looking for.

How Fluxstore Listing Will Enhance Your Website

Fluxstore Listing is jam-packed with useful features that will make creating your listings website a breeze. You’ll be able to create a site that checks all your boxes while delivering the very best user experience to your customers.

Fluxstore’s features include:

1. Compatibility with the top 3 listing templates. Fluxstore works like a dream with popular listings templates including ListingPro, MyListing, and Listeo. You can also change the configuration and integrate with other listings themes.

2. Handy booking feature. Currently only supported by Listeo, this function means you can make it easy for your customers to proceed with their booking.

3. Innovative UX design. Fluxstore Listing offers incredibly intuitive functions including multi-level categories, quick product filters, super-smooth checkout process and keyword history search capabilities.

4. Flexible design system. Fluxstore Listing ensures you can make your site your own with huge customization options including homepage configurations, categories, blog with a range of built-in components, banner sliders, banner groupings, multi-column product view, tinder animate layout, stack animate layout and more.

5. Powerful user settings. Our listings app gives you endless capabilities to enhance your directory including the ability to enable push notifications, view wish lists and order history, rate the app on app stores, select dark themes, set up smart chat and switch languages.

6. Clever push notifications. Push notifications are available via Firebase, with message history support.

7. Invaluable insight with Google Analytics. Keep an eye on your users and track your stats including number of users and registrations via Firebase in real-time.

8. Complete customization and white-labelling. With a full source code package, countless design assets and free extra API, you can completely customize Fluxstore Listing to suit your needs, brand, and vision.

9. Incredible speed performance. With offline images caching, you’ll be able to speed up your loading performance, making your life easier while impressing your users.

10. Easy registration. Make the most of your data and your customers with a range of registration features including social login support, SMS login by Firebase Auth and the option to sign up guests at checkout.

11. Instant synchronization. All your data will be updated smoothly and instantly, from the mobile to the server and vice versa.

12. Stunning splash animations. Add flawless animations to your site using Flare’s new design tools.

13. High quality animation. Animations play at 60 frames per second (FPS), work perfectly on both iOS and Android devices.

14. Smart chat support. Chat to your customers and answer queries fast with any chat app including Messenger, WeChat, and WhatsApp.

15. Multiple blog detail options. Fluxstore includes three different blog detail scenes, allowing you to choose the style that best suits your needs.

16. Advanced product detail view. Display your products in the best way possible with multiple advanced configuration options including the option to show Safe Area, display videos and thumbnail galleries, add hero effects and change image heights.

17. Clever recent product views. Remind your customers what they’ve had their eye on and entice them to make the purchase with recent product view functionality.

18. Intelligent DeepLink. Supported in both iOS and Android, DeepLink allows you to track your app better and more easily via outside channels. For instance, you’ll be able to see the route a user takes from a website to your app.

19. Stunning dark mode. Protect your customers’ eyes and add a modern touch to your site with dark theme UI screens. Map view is also available in full dark mode.

What will you get?

+ Full Dart source code
+ Design Source by Figma design tools
+ Well documentation help using product effective
+ Free Splash screen animate by Flare
+ Lifetime use and free version upgrade
+ Free Video tutorial, please subscribe
+ Private Gitlab repo to download the previous version and instant fixing major issues
+ Private Facebook Group to sharing knowledge and discuss with Flutter community

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