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Focused: To-Do Lists, Tasks & Reminders    Productivity

A minimal to-do list app

Focused is a simple and effective task management app that will increase your productivity by helping you focus on what's important.

There are a million to-do list apps out there and the top ones among them have features that would satisfy most to-do list aficionados. So why yet another to-do list app?

Focused was born out of a need for the following combination of features:

Basic to-do list features such as tasks, lists, due dates, recurring tasks and reminders.

• A Focus list that serves as a scratchpad of tasks to be worked on next.
• Ability to add tasks from different lists to the Focus list without having to physically move the tasks to the Focus list.
• Tasks with due dates should automatically show up in the Focus list on their due date.
• Overdue tasks should remain in the Focus list.
• Ability to manually order tasks in the Focus list (and other lists) in the order they have have to be worked on.
• The Focus list should not be cleared automatically at the end of the day

Most apps have these features in one form or another. But none of the apps have all these features or behave quite the same as outlined above.

Some apps have the concept of a Focus list. It is usually called Starred, Important or My Day. A few issues with the Focus list in those apps:

• Tasks can only be added manually to the Focus list. Tasks would not automatically show up in this list on their due date. You had to remember to manually add these tasks to the Focus list.
• The Focus list is cleared (in some apps) at the end of every day to provide a fresh start for the next day. If there are any tasks not completed by the end of the day, they have to be added back to the list the next day.
• Tasks for the next day cannot be added to the Focus list at the end of each day as the Focus list will be cleared at the end of the day.

Some apps have the concept of a Planned list. It is usually called Planned, Scheduled, Upcoming or Timeline. A few issues with the Planned list in those apps:

• Tasks cannot be manually ordered in the Planned list as it is usually sorted by due date.
• Tasks without due date won't show up in the Planned list.
• The Planned list shows all tasks with a due date, making it a very long list. This just adds noise as most tasks with due dates far in the future are not relevant at the current moment. Some apps do provide a Today list which shows only overdue and current tasks.

After years of using multiple to-do list applications and working around these issues, the idea of a new to-do list app was formed. A few months of development later we are proud to offer to you Focused.

The aim of Focused is to increase your focus and productivity by providing you with the right set of features and getting out of your way.

• Tasks and Lists
• The Focus List
• Due dates
• Recurring tasks
• Notes
• Instant online multi-device syncing