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Foyl    Tools

The sleek Fortnite companion app
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Foyl is the sleek unofficial Fortnite companion app.
Discover daily skins, wallpapers, news and more.

Features below:

Fortnite Daily Item Shop
- Check the Fortnite skins and items daily to know what to cop or drop. Feature and Daily Items and skins colored based on rarity. Notification with new items coming soon!

Upcoming Skins
- All the upcoming items and skins as soon as they are available. Know what's coming to the Item Shop.

Search Items
- Search all the items that were released until now. Check if you're the real OG and have all the skins

Fortnite Wallpapers
- Download and set on your iPhone the best handpicked wallpapers. In high resolution.

Fortnite News
- Never miss an update or news about the game you love. Check what was buffed, nerfed or vaulted. News about streamers and pro players coming soon.

Native Experience
- The app is fast, sleek and light. Don’t waste your time and memory on your iPhone

More features coming soon!

Please don't hesitate to contact us for suggestions, bugs or features that you would love to have. We intend to make this app better together with you.

Keep gaming and wish you a lot of dubs!