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Mobile travel guide made with feet,

Travel emotional photos where romance explodes
When you meet, the moment you want to travel!

The G9BON is
The theme of travel spots and food
Meet with vivid videos and photos,
As if you were looking at Instagram, shrug with your finger-
It's a trip you want to pass over, but it's good! Save it!
That can be used as a map locally
This is a mobile city travel guidebook.

The G9BON is covered by writers running with their feet,
We want to create a travel guide full of realism.

[main function]
1. City theme guidebook in video
• Basic city information and various spot information by city
• Rich information through videos and photos
• Guidebook-based accurate travel information
• Vivid tips covered by writers

2. Spot Search by Hashtags
• Search for the desired place

3. Like & My Passport
• If you like, save it to My Passport by city
• My own guidebook function that can be used anytime locally
• You can use it conveniently by linking with Google Maps!
• Easy and convenient reordering of your own travel destinations

Traveler's romance
Convenient mobile travel guide G9BON

Your exciting trip,
Convenient and accurate travel information
Leave with the G9BON.