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GiveActions    Lifestyle

Realize actions to make free donations to associative projects!

Have you ever had to refuse a donation to a charity for lack of money?
It happens to us all the time! That's why we've created GiveActions, an innovative app that makes the donation accessible to everyone by making it free!

GiveActions gives you the opportunity to take action for environmental and social causes that are important to you.

How do you do it?
On the application, you discover videos of green or social businesses, chosen with care thanks to strict selection criteria. For each vision, companies offer you points that you can then give to various associative projects. That's it, you made a free gift.

You can discover two videos per day, which represents between 5 and 10 € per month (so up to 120 € per year!).
For example, you can discover companies like Pêle-Mêle, a second-hand book buying and selling store, or Happy Hours Market, a resale food resale system, to earn your points.
You can then give them to various concrete community projects, whether to create nature reserves in Belgium to protect biodiversity, offer meals to the homeless or even offer classes to students with learning difficulties.

GiveActionners have already been able to support many community projects and have helped many people in need, and even protect biodiversity in Belgium.

GiveActions offers the opportunity to move together: join the community now and have your own impact!