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GiveActions - Your daily impact    GiveActions SPRL

GiveActions is an application that allows you to plant trees, create nature reserves, help homeless people, but for free and in two minutes!
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GiveActions lets you take action for the planet and society from your smartphone, by planting trees, offering meals to homeless people, saving animals, but for free and in two minutes.

Each day, you can choose the project you want to help. To do this, you just need to discover a video sponsored by an ethical company in order to raise money. Companies pay for you to watch their video, and this money is used to finance the environmental or social project of your choice.

There you have your own impact! In two minutes and free from your smartphone.

You can discover two videos per day, which represents between 5 and 10 € per month (so up to 120 € per year!). 1000 daily users can therefore generate at least 5000 € per month for associations!

Inevitably, only companies with environmental, social or cultural impact are present on the application. We have a company charter which clearly defines the selection criteria. So you will only find companies with positive impact, not Coca-Cola or Monsanto.
For example, you can find companies like Pêle-Mêle, a second-hand book buying and selling store, or Happy Hours Market, a system for reselling unsold food.

On the application, you can see concretely what your contribution was. Guillaume, a user, for example, has already been able to create 11 square meters of natural reserves, plant 6 trees and offer 2 meals to homeless people, all for free and from his smartphone.

Take action now to have your daily impact and help environmental and social proje