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GlobalShift 2030    Lifestyle

Global Shift 2030 is a new social responsible app for the discovery and support of the charitable causes you love.

Global Shift 2030 is a fun new social responsible app for the discovery and support of the charitable causes you love. Join the Global Shift 2030 community and get into the “Game of Giving”, by having fun, earning points and being recognized for the support you provide.

We have dozens of international, national and local charities to support in any way you wish…whether it's sharing with friends, volunteering your time, or donating. By working together, we can Amplify our Hearts and make a big impact to our world and our community.

GS2030 has over 2-dozen Non-Profit Organizations, across 15 categories of care. From Climate Change to Health to Animal Welfare and the Environment, we cover a very broad spectrum of charities that our community cares about, and new charities are being added every day.

How Global Shift 2030 works:

GS2030 lets you discover and support many of the good causes that are near and dear to your heart. The app lets you enjoy giving by sharing your achievements and accomplishments with friends who will see the impact you are having on your community. Helping can take many forms and all are equally important.

Whether you share a post about animal welfare, support a petition for healthcare, clean up your local beach or park, or donate money to help the environment, your actions matter and are reflected in your personal score. So, make a difference today and see the impact you are having. Share your caring with family, friends and event meet new friends in the P2G community.

Get into the game of giving and doing something positive to impact and help your favorite causes.