Govorusha: English learning tool
Mobile and web user interface for learning language remote and in class.
## A task

Develop a web version and a mobile application for an electronic diary from the English language school Oxford Russia.

## Stages of work

- Approval of the terms of reference, set of functionality and interface animations
- Layout of screens, development of animations
- Connecting the logic of working with the calendar, lesson schedule
- Connecting the logic of working with the user profile
- Combining layout screens with profile logic, calendar, news
- Testing the application and publishing the web version
- Application release

## Solution

1. We allow users to receive homework quickly

When entering the application, the user is taken to a screen with a list of homework from past lessons. Inside the task card, you can download additional materials, as well as submit the results.

2. We make convenient navigation through the lessons and simplify the monitoring of passes

When viewing the calendar, the user sees all the upcoming and past lesson schedules, which transparently shows all missed and attended classes. The user can report an upcoming pass, as well as receive a notification in case of rescheduling lessons.

3. Keep the user up to date with school news and events

All news and events come to users through push notifications, which are saved as a history in the application, so you can always see a detailed news card and sign up for an event.

4. We inform the user about the status of payment for lessons and bonuses

After payment, the user is credited with a balance on the account, which is spent when attending lessons. Also, when classes are missed, lessons are added to the bonus account, so that they can be used later.

5. We allow you to add multiple student accounts to one application

We have implemented the ability to switch between saved accounts in the application, which allows several children and adults to study at once through a single electronic diary interface.

## Result

The application was launched with working functionality and connected analytics services by the beginning of the academic year on both Android & iOS platforms, as well as on the web, which allowed Oxford Russia to increase sales of its classes. Now the application has more than 1t. users on both platforms regularly notify users of new offers and events in real time.

## Further development

- Improved animations
- Improve app loading speed
- Expanding the settings of the lesson calendar
- Loyalty program improvement