Guess It - forbidden words!
Social party game Guess It - guess words from the card, have fun with friends!
Guess It is a social word game, also known as forbidden words. The game does not contain any advertising, is totally free, and is available in Polish (almost 4 000 cards) and English, German and Spanish (more than 2 000 cards each). Guess It is designed for playing at parties, with family, with friends. It's about guessing words without using banned words! Every card is available offline, so you can play wherever you are, as you do NOT need an internet connection! Check it out now and have fun guessing words with your friends! No ADs ❌!

How to play? 🎴
To play the social party game Guess It let's split into two teams (soon available more) and then start the game by handing the phone to one of the people. Let's also choose a person from the opposing team who will check the player whether he follows the rules of the game. When the round is over, the opposing team starts its turn.

The player's goal is to help his team to guess the keyword, which is visible at the top of the Guess It cards. The more words the team guesses in the shortest possible time, the better! While describing the keyword you are not allowed to use the forbidden words visible in the cards. You can also arrange a ban on using gestures, similar words, and more! Just agree with your friends on the exact rules!

In Guess It, you can use gestures to control cards. When your teammates guessed the word right and you explained it correctly, swipe the card to the right. When something went wrong, swipe the card to the left. To skip the card, swipe it down!

The game allows you to configure the time of the round, the limit of points, the number of skips, names, and colors of teams! 🌈

The game lasts until one of the teams reaches the pre-set number of points! 🏆

Have fun! ❤️