Hecate - PC Remote Control
Hecate - PC Remote Control makes it easy to control your PC from your phone.
Install Hecate - PC Remote Control for your computer from Windows Store:

Let's look at all the possibilities point by point:

• Mouse control
- Click the left mouse button (Tap on the touchpad area)
- Click the right mouse button (Tap on the touchpad area with two fingers)
- Mouse wheel up/down (two finger swipe up/down)

• Print text from your phone
Click on the keyboard icon and start typing on your phone. The entered text will be instantly broadcast to the connected computer

• Launch applications from the taskbar
You can launch the application on the PC, which is pinned to the taskbar (to the right of the start button), from your phone

• Computer volume control
• Previous/Next track
• Play/Pause

• Sending links from phone to computer
From any browser, click on the "Share" icon and select Hecate - PC Remote Control. The link will immediately open in a browser on your computer.

• Send text from phone to computer
Highlight any text, click on the ellipsis, then click on the "Share" icon and select Hecate - PC Remote Control. The sent text will be copied to your PC's clipboard

• Access to the history of sent data on the computer
• Connecting multiple devices to a computer

ATTENTION! In order for you to be able to connect to a computer, your phone and PC must be on the same network! For example, the computer is connected to the network via cable / Wi-Fi and the phone is also connected to the same Wi-Fi network