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HotelOp - Free Restaurant Management App    Productivity

Free Restaurant Management App. Take Orders, collect payments, print bills, etc.

Update: HotelOp Dashboard web app has been deployed. This web app can be used to monitor all the orders and complete any orders.
This app can be used by any restaurants. You can add tables, take orders, print bill, collect payments, cancel an order, reprint bill, etc. We also have enabled Kitchen Monitor to monitor all incoming orders in real-time.
Print barcode for each table and stick it in the table. Start taking orders by scanning the barcode in the table.
This app also enables staff functionality to restrict product creation/deletion. Only the restaurant manager (admin) has all the functionality in the app.

To start using our app simply download the app.
In the main page click Support button and create an account.
After successful verification, your account will be created and a hotel code will be provided to you.
You should always use that hotel code for login to the app.
You can start adding the seatings in your restaurant to undertake orders.
You can start adding the product categories, products, payment types as per your needs.
You can create up to 4 staff accounts for using the application alongside you in your restaurant.

For support mail us at [email protected]

All features are available free-of-cost.