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I am Aware    Health_and_fitness

Practice Meditation with soulful music, affirmations and beautiful backgrounds

'I am Aware ' app is designed to help you 'Be aware of your breath, thoughts, and physical sensations'. Deep Breathing plays a very important role in every aspect of our life. Deep breathing set the base for all kind of meditations and yoga exercises. Due to daily mental stress and body stress caused by long sitting hours we somewhere lose the ability to remind ourselves how important deep breathing is in our life. The same was happening with me last week so on the weekend I developed a simple app with beautiful backgrounds, soulful music, and proper guidance mainly focused on practicality.
Breathing exercises will help you relax, If these are done regularly it will induce calmness in both body and mind. After some practice, you may simply sit and just become aware of your breath as it is without changing its flow.


- Breathing for relaxation is just one click away with beautiful music and backgrounds for day and night sessions.
- Categorized breathing exercises.
- Both Day and night mode
- Beautiful backgrounds
- Soulful background music for a better focus.
- Guided breathing exercises with inbuilt voice(You can practice with closed eyes)
- Up to 4 daily reminders(We will push you hard)
-Affirmations to break the automatic cycle of negative thoughts that helps to develop a positive mindset about life.
- Clone already existing exercise or create your own.
- Remove ads if they are disturbing you using In-App purchases. You are going to get many additional features as well.


- As a daily habit/routine
- When you need to perform (e.g. before an interview, a presentation, or competition) Like just before any audition or interview you are feeling nervous just stop and simply just watch your breath, just become aware of your belly rising and falling on inhaling and exhale respectively.
- Before bedtime to help you fall asleep (4-7-8 breathing is going to help you fall asleep after a hectic day, this exercise will break the continuous cycle of thoughts that are disturbing your sleep).
- As needed when feeling stressed or anxious. (Do equal breathing or simply deep breathing to get rid of these)


- Improved focus, memory, and decision making.
- Whether you want to be a good speaker or a singer deep breathing is going to play a very important part. People who breathe deeply into the diaphragm has a smooth, clear, and melodious voice which is effective in all kind of leadership roles.
- Deep breathing helps to get rid of hypertension(high blood pressure), high fat around the stomach.
- Deep breathing also helps to remove all kinds of toxins so you will have radiant skin.

'I am Aware', a breathing meditation app, is not a substitute for your doctor visits, and it does not provide a professional diagnosis or cure for your symptoms. Breathe with the app only if you are feeling well and consult your doctor before taking advice from the authors of the content in the app.