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InventarQR    Productivity

InventarQR - Inventory and Lending management system

InventarQR is an easy-to-use innovative inventory management system for tracking your items via QR codes.

Device independent
With InventarQR you keep track of your items at any time and from anywhere. Through the use of a backend server, the data is always up-to-date and can be viewed from various devices. After scanning or selecting the item, you can edit it in the app and the changes are immediately visible on all devices.

Private or professional
The possibilities are almost unlimited. Whether you want to inventory your private items, have an overview of items you lent to friends, or bring order to the inventory in your company, with InventarQR every conceivable combination is possible. The most suitable items are those that change hands frequently, as entering and removing them from any list is tedious and inconvenient.

QR codes to print yourself
You can print the app-generated QR codes directly with an airprint-capable label printer, send them via email or simply save them in your photo library on your cell phone.

QR codes for everyone
You can assign QR codes to items, storage locations as well as people. The app automatically detects what kind of QR code it is and performs the correct action accordingly.

Discover the versatility of QR codes
Through the QR codes, you get access to some features that make it very easy for you to handle your items.
- You can scan items and view and edit their current status.
- You can scan people and see what items they currently have in their possession.
- You can scan storage locations and directly see the items stored there.

Checking in and checking out items
You can easily assign an item to a person and store it again in a storage location. Through color coding, you can see at a glance in the overview which item is available and which is in use.

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