A highly versatile and modular framework enabling language-agnostic immersion learning on mobile.
jidoujisho is an Android video player, reader assistant, image mining workflow and card creation toolkit with features specifically helpful for language learners.

- Text selection of subtitles allows for quick dictionary lookups within the application
- Export cards to AnkiDroid, complete with a snapshot and audio of the current context
- Selecting a word allows export to AnkiDroid with the sentence, answer, meaning and reading
- Morphological analysis of subtitles allows either tap selection or drag selection of subtitles
- Repeat the current subtitle from the beginning by flicking horizontally
- Swipe vertically to open the transcript to jump to time and review subtitles
- YouTube playback support for videos with Japanese closed captions
- Use card creator mode to quickly search images and definitions with imported photos and text
- Dictionary tab remembers words queried for review between sessions and allows resuming back to context
- Import Yomichan archive dictionaries and export cards with pitch accent information from Kanjium
- Frictionless sentence mining workflow for readers via ッツ Ebook Reader
- Mine manga with an image mining workflow with optical character recognition powered by Google ML Kit
- Use the built-in browser to read and mine words on a website on mobile, or even use your camera