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Japanese Learner's Dictionary
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A new kind of Japanese dictionary for learners of all levels and beyond.

Modern design. A better looking UI and smoother UX than most of the dictionary apps on the market. Input Japanese faster with auto-suggestions or choose from a hundred filters to create custom lists. Results are presented in the form of clear and customizable cards such as Glyph Graph, Mnemonic Box, or Readings List.

Multi-platform. Available as a native app on iOS and Android, a web app in your browser or on your desktop. Sync your preferences, custom lists and contributions to the cloud, and access them on all your devices.

Adapt to your level. The interface is customized to show easier content to beginners (like romaji, stroke orders, and tips to remember kanji) and more details to advanced learners (such as rare readings and kyujitai).

Real examples. Kanjiverse's very own corpus of sample sentences is compiled from different sources such as Wikipedia, newsgroup, anime and dramas subtitles. You don't have to use textbooks' canned material anymore and can learn with what you care about.

Vocab lists. Build your own lists of word/kanji, keep them private or share them with the community. Search lists contributed to the marketplace, such as lesson vocabulary for your textbook or must-know words from your favorite anime.

Mnemonics and notes. You can write your own mnemonics to remember kanji/words and share them. Lacking inspiration? Use someone else's and upvote it.

Translations. A sentence is missing a translation in your language? Submit your own translation or check others' contributions, they are ranked according to the author's fluency and votes from other members.

Third-party integration. Export and import your progress from your favorite app such as Anki or WaniKani. Send your contributions to open projects like Kanjidic and Tatoeba Project without leaving the app.