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KeepMeSafe    Communication

KeepMeSafe (with COVID-19 key data)
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***WARNING: COVID-19****

KeepMeSafe is a community safety app. We have introduced a new screen to facilitate key statistic information to the public. Let's fight this COVID-19, 2019-nCoV, coronavirus or Wuhan virus together. Observe your hygiene, wear masks when in public and be wary what you touch outside. Don't carry it home.

1.0 Introduction

KeepMeSafe is a community safety app with communal alert messages.

In the event of emergency, a user can send an emergency alert notifications with the location to trusted contact(s) or Guardians.

These contacts will remain in communication in a chat group until the members disperse.

If the user is threaten to leave the chat group under duress, the user can use the DummyCode instead of SafeCode to send a duress notification to the trusted contacts.

2.0 Who is it for?

We recommend this for everyone with a smart phone. It is important for those who are under stress during emergencies to have a tool to be in constant communication with trusted and reliable contacts.

No one wants to be in emergency situations, but it does happen. It is best to be prepared. Types of possible emergencies:

- Mass shooting.
- House break-in.
- Robbery.
- Fire.
- Medical emergencies.
- Accidents.
- Natural disasters e.g. flood.

3.0 Why?

Communication is important during emergencies. Sending email and SMS as alerts are not ideal because it is a one-way communication. The 'sender' is not communicated back actively. In KeepMeSafe, an emergency Alert Chat group is formed to allow communication between all members is maintained.

Other chat apps mix with other non-emergency chats. Users' emergency alert messages are drowned in other irrelevant messages. KeepMeSafe only focuses on emergency chats. It is important that clear communication is kept in emergency situations.