Keepr: Money Manager & Tracker
Easy to use expense tracking, income tracking, & budget planner in your pocket.
Keepr is a personal finance management app that makes it easy for you to manage & track your day-to-day financial activities, whether it's for yourself, your project, your business, or your family. It empowers you to save money, spend wisely, break bad habits, adopt healthy habits, and increase your earning.

User-friendly Interface

With its simple, intuitive, and straightforward design, you can quickly and accurately record your transaction in just a few steps.


Create your expense & income categories with icons you like, that you can choose from more than 100 icons, beautiful colors available in both light and dark themes, and names that suit your financial situation.

Budget Planning

Whether to achieve financial stability, not overspend on your hard-earned salary, or prepare for your next vacation, Keepr helps you set up a monthly budget plan by assigning a budget to each expense category.

Insightful statistics

Instantly see valuable, actionable, and interactive statistic graphs, financial overviews, and the state of your finances based on the transaction data you entered. Dive deeper into your category statistics to get more detailed information about your spending, earning, & where your money came and went. Using our calendar feature, you can also see at a glance when you are making a profit and when you are not during a month.


With our Book(Ledger) feature, Keepr allows you to manage and monitor your finances separately, with each book having its own currency, icon, color, and the financial information you've recorded.