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Kwizi    Education

An app for MCQ Question generation. And can be used for competitive exams prep.
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Generate trillions of different questions and tests for preparation of many exams. You can now generate questions for algebra, trigonometry as well as mensuration. You can also randomise the generation as much as you like!!!
You will first of all select difficulty. After that, you will select the topics you want the questions to generate. Then according to the topic(s) selected, you will select type of questions of mensuration like shape , and dimension and also polynomial type in algebra. After selecting all the things, it will show the question. You will have to choose from four different options and after selecting, it will show next question and once select you can't change it. There will be in total 5 questions. If the question is right then you will get 5 coins and if question is wrong then 1 point will get deduced. All the coins are stored online and within your account. Hence you can use multiple devices with same account and all will share coins.
You also get HL Card which you can use at the time of quiz. It will remove 2 options and then you have to choose from 2 options only!!! To get these cards, you need to go to store and here, you can exchange certain cards for certain coins. You can also buy coins from here only.
Your data once account is created will never get deleted even if you change the mobile. Your all data is bind with your account.