Liftbear Workout Tracker
A modern and elegant workout tracking app
Build your workouts, track your sessions and gain insights. Liftbear is your new companion on your fitness journey and helps you keep track of weights, repetitions, exercises and workouts.

Keep up with your routines by organizing your workouts and exercises in beautiful lists. Be in control of your data and manage it how you like. See the details of your workouts and explore relevant session data.

Extract valuable insights out of your data. See your progress in specific exercises or muscle groups and decide when it is time to up the numbers. Liftbear will show your data in beautiful visualizations and charts.

Track every workout, exercise, set, repetition and weight while you are working out. Liftbear tells you when your rest time is over, and it’s time to continue with the next set. Filter your data by week, month or year. See your full training history and have your data right at your hand.


Stay Organized
- Create and organize your exercises by type and muscle groups
- Build your workouts and manage them in beautiful lists
- Add exercises and sets to workouts
- Adjust sets based on weight and repetition amount
- Reorder exercises and sets

Gain Insights
- Filter training data by week, month and year
- Beautiful data visualizations of your exercise progress
- Muscle group distribution charts

Start Tracking
- Log workouts, exercises, sets, repetitions and weight while working out
- Explore full training history
- Adjustable rest timer