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List Be Quick    Productivity

An easy privacy-focused app to share lists with friends, family & colleagues!

List Be Quick makes it easy to quickly share lists with anyone, including your friends, family and work colleagues. Changes made by anyone sharing the list are rapidly merged in the cloud and pushed down to everyone. There are useful tools for searching and sorting your lists and organizing favorites and adjusting list settings and changing to a dark theme and other color themes. List Be Quick respects your privacy and offers 3 ways to share with people without ever asking for access to your contacts. The app is cross-platform so you can share lists with both Android and iOS users. There is a free tier so you can use the app and share lists with other people without a subscription, and if you need a higher tier there are multiple subscription levels available. Your data is safely backed up in the cloud and it is easy to export your lists if your subscription plan allows it. Notifications are used to keep you up-to-date with what other people are changing and you have the option to snooze them for a particular list so they will be muted for the amount of time that you choose. We do not sell your data to anyone or use it for ads. List Be Quick welcomes feedback, and if you are inspired with ideas about features that could enhance your experience or any other way to improve the app, we would definitely love to hear from you so please contact us. Whether you use this productivity tool in a business environment or to organize your personal life or just for fun, List Be Quick makes it fast and simple to add and edit your lists!