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Listij    Productivity

Perfect for creating and sharing any list (shopping, tasks, todo) - organize with folders

There are lots of apps available for making lists. We know because we tried many of them. But none seemed to have the simple, intuitive interface with the kinds of features we were looking for. So…we decided to create our own list app.

Listij is designed for people who seek the path of least resistance. Quickly make the list, easily find the list later, and swiftly mark off completed items. Boom. Boom. Done.

For years, like most people, we used our smart phone’s native “Notes” app or even old-school paper from realtor advertisements to make lists. Unfortunately, neither allow you to synchronize updates to lists with other users in the cloud. And they are missing so many helpful features that we now find to be indispensable:

- LIST SHARE AND SYNC: All Listij lists live in the cloud, so any changes made to the lists and folders you are sharing are immediately synchronized in the background, without missing a beat.

- SHARING CONTROL: The owners of lists or folders can decide if they want their shares to be either read-only or editable.

- FOLDER SHARE: Yes! Finally a list app with folders! No more searching for orphaned lists. Place all of your individual store shopping lists in the “Shopping” folder, or all your weekly to-do lists in the "Weekly To-Do" folder, for instance. Even better, you can share an entire folder of lists with anyone you like.

- SMART RECOGNITION: If you and a friend have already started a list named “favorite movies”, for example, and your friend shares their list with you, the app will recognize the similarity and ask if you would like to merge the two together into a single unified list. This makes redundant or missing list items a thing of the past.

- GLOBAL SEARCH: With Global Search, the results are displayed in a very visual way. Search all your shopping lists, to-do lists, task lists, notes, folders for quick and easy access.

- IMAGES: More of a visual person than a word person? Our beta testers requested the ability to include pictures in list items, and even to make entire lists using images only (no words)! The customer is always right, so we made it happen.

- AUTO-CATEGORY: Common grocery store items are automatically assigned a category. Sorting by category (produce, dairy-deli, baking, etc) makes that grocery trip much more efficient.

- LINKED LISTS: Is knocking out the grocery shopping on your weekend To-Do list? The linked list feature allows you to open your grocery list from within your To-Do list, saving you valuable time.

- ITEM NOTES: Great for documenting the specifics on a recipe ingredient or brand.

- RUNNING TOTAL: Use this feature to keep track of who owes what at a restaurant or how much you’ve spent each day on vacation. It’s a great way to track expenses.

- REORDER AND SORT: Gives you the ability to sort list items as well as entire lists within folders with ease. For instance organize and sort shopping lists by category, to-do lists by date, recipes by quantity, or folders by name.

- RECENT LISTS CAROUSEL: The most recently viewed lists are easily accessed in the Recent Lists carousel. It's a real time saver and keeps the most used lists and to-do at your fingertips.

- FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE: We realize that not everyone wants to see every little detail for each item on their list (who owns the list, when the item was added to the list, etc), so you have the option in settings to see as much or as little data as wanted.

- ACCOUNT FLEXIBILITY: Use your existing Google user log-in, or create a new Listij log-in. Whichever is easier for you and share with any Listij member.

- ANY LIST: Create any list type like shopping lists, to-do lists, task lists, recipes, travel lists and then organize with folders.