Live 8085 - 8085 Microprocessor simulator
App lets you learn basic of assembly language using 8085 Microprocessor
Live 8085 is an Intel 8085 Microprocessor simulator. This simulator lets you see live data of the 8085 Microprocessor.

Write Intel 8085 assembly code, execute and understand its basics.
Look at General Purpose Register / CPU Register in all number systems (Decimal, Binary, Octal and Hexadecimal) at once.
All data is shown in animation to easily identify which register value is changed.

- See all register value in all hex, octant, binary and decimal.
- Quickly look upcoming executable mnemonics in highlighted.
- Quickly executed address in highlight and memory data.
- Go beyond imagination. Experience interrupt control in Live action.
- Easily control program execution at your finger tips
- Save your program to easily recall.
- Uses animation to identify modified Register.
- Syntax highlighter to identify program.