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Live Closer - Cut the Commute    Eight Team I/O

Connects people who wants to live closer to their interests, cutting the commute.
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We've all been thinking it... Let's start doing it.

Most of us have had this idea before. Why don't I just live closer to work? Or maybe Gym? Or my best friend... it's always such a long drive home after the get together?

But then you realize you're not in the mood to look for a new place in the property market. Going through the pain of hundreds of calls from an agent who doesn't really know what you want. And you're really over spending hours on the rental app to see only places that are actively listed. In the end, not really sure if you're going to be closer or not.

- This is where Live Closer steps in.

Live Closer is an open minded app for open minded people, willing to change the world by living closer.

Here you can list your home as an option for someone who wants to exchange. And the best part is, you see exactly how much closer you can be.

We get you into contact with the other person, if they interest is mutual, you can arrange a viewing.

Don't worry, your full address will only be disclosed to persons you have actively matched, and no contact details will be shared.

You agree on a time and a place, and see if you like it.

Be part of the change, be part of the solution.

Save time, save the environment.

Live Closer!