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locolhive    Locolhive Internet

Locolhive - Yoga, Fitness Coaches, Guided Tours

Discover classes in your locality like yoga, zumba, music, dance, cooking, art, craft or photography.

Rent vacant place when not used for other creative and cultural activities for people around and near you.

Locolhive is a collaborative and easy to use platform for guests and teachers/hosts.

You can list your classes and places where you organize them on Locolhive app. Create listing of activities and places for classes, workshops and sessions. Anyone can become host or organizer easily and enable participants to visit your place and experience by engaging in different sort of activities. Now share your skills, hobbies, products and services easily in your locality and let buyers find you easily. If you want to rent your place for activities and meetup then you can use Locolhive to list your place.

Locolhive has two kind of listings
1. Daily activities i.e. classes and workshops
2. Places or Venues for such daily activities e.g. academy, centers, classes

Features of Locolhive app-

1. Select activity or place in your locality by filtering it based on location, radius in KM, and date on which you want to visit
2. Send request to the host or organizer to participate in the activity or reserve the place to organize activities
3. If your request is confirmed then organizer can create customized calendar for schedule of activity if it is a multi-day activity. You as a participant can easily see that calendar in your app and follow a schedule
4. A host or organizer can create multiple of listings in selected categories and activity type
5. The activity or place listing can have multiple of images uploaded, location pinned, multi-day listings, schedule or itinerary, multiple time slots
6. A host or organizer can fill in customized or relevant dates in the calendar or schedule of confirmed participants which can be see to both and it can be changed also basis the need of either
7. A host or organizer can create multiple of listings in activity or places.
8. Locolhive make manage of your listing so easy that you can copy a listing and edit headers to create new listing out of it, rather inputting similar data multiple of times
9. Locolhive make you edit listing, delete listing, activate or deactivate listing given your need
10. A participant or a guest can message a host or organizer after send sending a request to participate in the activity
11. A guest can call host once the request can been confirmed, a host is not permitted to call guest, due to security, privacy and harassment issues
12. A host or organizer need to upload profile picture and provide basic information before creating a listing on Locolhive

Permissions requested:
* SMS to verifiy mobile number
* Location as Locolhive is based on finding nearby or location based activities and places
* Storage to upload media while creating your listings

Locolhive invites you if you visit daily classes or activities regularly or if you organize such activities or your place or a rented place.
Locolhive has been created for empowering our local businesses and improve performance of their business.