Memo: Learn English & Spanish
Translate and listen to any word in the video. Spanish, English can be fun
Memo is the first app to learn English & Spanish using memes and videos. Learn the most relevant words and phrases used by native speakers!

Our database is daily refilled with fresh memes selected especially for you. Forget about boring lectures and lessons!

Memes always evoke emotions: laughter, sadness, surprise, curiosity, nostalgia. You don’t need extra motivation to scroll memes because the brain perceive it as an entertainment, not as a textbook.

Even if memes contain unknown words or phrases, they are perceived as a whole. If you still can’t understand the meaning of a word or expression through the context, you just need to look at its meaning once in a memo, and you will instantly remember it.

The reason is simple: memes create stable chains of associations in memory. This is especially true for short memes.

Choose your language level and improve Spanish every day using notifications. Everyone can improve their Spanish with fun!

• Listen to unknown words.
• Share memes with your friends.
• Memes are divided into levels ranging from beginner to advanced. Choose the one you like.
• Learning is based on interval repetitions. Set the time to receive personal notifications.
• Create your own collection of memes.
• Watch unlimited TikTok-style videos in 2 languages side-by-side (dual subtitles).

memo is about learning English and Spanish effectively, fun and exciting!