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Meu Ônibus SP (My Bus SP)    Maps & Navigation

Shows the location of all buses on their ordinary routes
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Those who live in the city of São Paulo know buses face a lot of traffic, even in exclusive corridors. So, scheduled time is something difficult to be considered.

In order to help those using public transport buses in the city of São Paulo, the application shows the location of vehicles on their common routes.

It is ideal for those who already know the bus lines of the city of São Paulo and just want to know the location of the buses that serve their route. It is not a search app with the best route. It is for those who already know the bus alternatives for their trips and want to see, in real time, where the vehicles are at that moment.

Through this application you indicate the line (s) that meet your routine route and, whenever necessary, check the amount of buses available on the route at that moment and where each one is.

For example, with this visual information you can decide to wait for another bus that is right behind you instead of entering the first one, even if they are on different lines.

If you are going to meet someone in a certain car, you can tap the icons and find out which one is the person.

You can record several routine routes, providing a name for each one. When leaving a track registered, just tap on it to see the map and the available buses. For example, there may be 4 buses in circulation, 2 on each line that you have indicated as useful.

Each line will be shown in a different color. You can save up to 5 lines that serve you for the same route.

In addition to indicating the location of the bus and lines (line 1 in green, line 2 in blue and so on), the 'windshield' of the bus indicates the quality of the information. If the color is white, the bus information was delayed by up to 30 seconds to reach your device. If it is longer than 30 and up to 60 seconds, the windshield will show yellow. If it is higher than that, the color will be red.

By tapping the icon you will see how long the information is out of date.

And is that important? Much. Each bus sends its location to the SP Trans center in small intervals, but, for various technical reasons, this information may take time to be recognized. And if the location you are seeing on the map is delayed, the bus is probably somewhere else ahead!