momentory - mindful journaling
Mindful journaling made easy
momentory is a mindful journaling app for cultivating gratitude, releasing worry, and self reflection.

* Cultivate gratitude *
Reflecting on what you are grateful for can improve mood and lead to a greater sense of well-being. momentory makes keeping up a gratitude practice a joy, with beautiful animations, customizable goals, and reminders.

* Release worry *
Worry is a natural part of life, though being stuck in worry can get in the way. momentory encourages you to challenge your worries and let go when they no longer serve you.

* Get out of your head *
A journaling practice can help see your thoughts in a new light. momentory streamlines the process of jotting down your thoughts and does not bog you down with endless questions.

* Take a step back *
See trends in your gratitude, worry, and other thoughts each week broken down by category.