Monash Thrive
Track your mood and receive tailored and evidence-based information with the Monash Thrive app, made for and with Monash University students.
Embark on a mental health journey with a buddy of your choice.

Monash Thrive is an evidence-based and research-trialed mental health and wellbeing app that can help Monash University students better understand their emotional and mental well-being as well as set and achieve their own personal well-being goals on a completely private platform. Using the 'wheel of feels' users can check in their mood and use an interactive diary feature to record any extra detail. These check-ins help users find patterns in their daily behavior to give them a better understanding of their emotional and mental health.

Based on your mood check-ins the Monash Thrive app will recommend relevant and easy-to-read resources that have been collated and translated by our own research team from the highest standard research available. We also provide easy quick links to access the help-seeking options available to Monash University students if you feel you need to talk to a professional about any struggles you are dealing with.

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