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MorUde Frrr - (Fly Or Not)    Trivia

A beautiful game where you have to just identify the object that can fly or not.

MorUde Frrr, is such a beautiful game that we used to play with our friends in childhood. It is not just the game, it is game with knowledge.

At this time, these types of games are disappearing or we have not time to play with our friends. So I come up with such a beautiful things where you can play game, get entertainment and also improve your knowledge too.

Let’s start how to play the game:

- It’s very easy and there is no required internet connection for play the game.
- You have to click on START button
- Set game level (easy or medium or high)
- After clicking on START button you will see object on the middle of the screen
- You have to just identify, can it fly or not?
- If It can fly then click on YES button or click on NO button.
- You have to press YES or NO button in specific period of the time that depends on
your game level (easy or medium or high)

Special Feature: On right side of the screen you can find icons.

- Settings : You can set Username, See High Score, Change Game Level, Instruction for
How To Play the Game, AboutUs, Other Games and Etc.

- Voice Change: You can change the voice default to english or you can set game
mode as silent.

- Share : You can share the game to your colleague.

It's totally free and also user can play game in offline mode means no internet required.