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Flashcards + AI Assistance: Simple And Effective Learning
Utilize your idle moments to enhance your memory with our unique app! Discover the power of 15 minutes - you'd be surprised at what you can learn in such a short span. Whether it's scientific facts, quotes, or programming code, our app provides a simple and effective solution for you to store and recall them at your convenience.


AI Generated Flashcards: Unsure about what to put on your flashcard? Allow our AI to assist you! This feature harness the power of generative AI to generates Flashcards for you to learn.

Built-in Curated Topics: Do you want to learn something, but don't know where to start? Our ever expanding Inspiration Feature presents comprehensive materials to help you learn. We offer a broad range of topics from general science to programming. We routinely expand these topics in each update.

Browse While Adding Flashcards: Often come across fascinating tidbits online that you forget later? Our in-app browsing feature lets you instantly save information to a flashcard, so you won't miss out on knowledge.

Memorize Code: For those of you diving into the world of programming, we have a specialized input field to help you remember those tricky code snippets.

AI Generated Code: Don't quite recall the code you want to memorize? No worries! Our AI can generate code snippets to assist in your learning journey.

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