Promoting health literacy through rallies
NEBOLUS teaches health literacy in a playful and digital way to young people at the intersection of school and community, but also at universities or in training companies. They can all quickly and easily design their own exciting and educational digital treasure hunts and city rallies using a rally designer. The finished rallies are then played in class via app. The aim is to give the players a hands-on insight into the health facilities and support services in their city.

The main goal of NEBOLUS is to promote the health literacy of young people aged 13 to 17 and young adults with the help of a digital application. It is a location-based game developed as an app for smartphones, in which game-typical mechanics such as rallies, badges and the visualisation of progress are used.

NEBOLUS enables players to pursue quests in the real world and, after reaching certain locations, to talk and interact with real people. To solve the app's tasks and advance the rally, QR codes are searched for and scanned. The focus is on the health facilities and support services of the respective city. With the help of educational entertainment and the linking of digital application and real social space, the players are to be made more familiar with the local support services for health.