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Ninja Number Second Phone Line    Business

Ninja Number adds a second business phone line to your cellphone, reminding you of missed calls and texts, automatically answering common questions from customers, transcribing voicemails, and much more!

Ninja Number is a business phone line that works on your cellphone, handling your phone calls while you work. It’s the only virtual phone system that acts as your very own assistant, reminding you of missed calls and texts, automatically answering common questions from customers, transcribing voicemails, and much more!

The magic doesn’t stop there. You can link up to 5 phones to your Ninja Number, assuring that all calls are answered. If you do miss a call, you can view them at a glance and respond to voicemails via text. Categorize your call backs and add them as contacts so you know who’s calling.

The technology behind Ninja Number is unmatched. It uses a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence to help you set up your second phone number right on your mobile phone. It’s as easy as having a conversation - Just answer a few simple questions from our NinjaBot and you're up and running in minutes!

What can Ninja Number do for your business?

• Linked Numbers — Link your Ninja Number with up to 5 phones so others can answer and respond to calls.

• Voicemail & Voicemail Transcription — Record your own greeting, or type one and have it transcribed into a voice of your choosing. Play voicemails, or let Ninja Number automatically transcribe your messages to texts you can read even while in a meeting. You can even respond to voicemails via text!

• Push notifications — Get notified whenever you miss a call.

• Call tracking — Mark calls according to their sales potential so you know at a glance what the most important calls are. Save important numbers as contacts so you know who’s calling.

• Multiple extensions — Make sure that calls are routed to the correct person with custom menus and extensions. When callers press a key, they are directed to a particular person or department. Customize when the system is on and have after-hours messaging.

• Auto-reply — Create answers to general questions such as business hours and directions, and have Ninja Number automatically text back answers to those questions.

• Text Messaging — Avoid phone tag by sending texts and connect with the younger market that prefers texting over calling. Keep text messages and voicemails conveniently all in one location.

• Detailed Reporting — Ninja Number gives you more than 10 customizable reports based on your call history.

• Toll-Free & Vanity Phone Numbers — Choose from area codes around the U.S. as well as toll-free numbers, or upgrade to an easy-to-remember phone number for your business.

• Multiple Numbers — Easily add multiple numbers to your account and learn which of your marketing efforts are making the most impact.

• Transfer Number — Port your existing number to a Ninja Number phone line so you can stay in touch with your customers.

Stay connected wherever you are. Let Ninja Number take care of your phone needs while you concentrate on your business.