OneSplit makes splitting bills a breeze
Are you tired of the hassle and awkwardness of splitting bills with friends or family? Look no further!

OneSplit makes splitting bills a breeze. Whether you're at a restaurant, on a trip with friends, or splitting rent with roommates, our app takes care of the math for you.

Simply take the bill photo or input the total amount, select the people, and split each expense or whole unsettled amount. Our app will calculate each person's share, including tip.

Don't let the hassle of splitting bills ruin your fun with friends and family. Try our bill splitting app today and make your life easier!


• Free OCR-based receipts scanner: digitize bill and settle individual expenses.

• Split expenses by a share or an absolute price.

• Group bills into events and see the payments summary on who owes who.

• Share the whole event via web page link: no registration needed to view the event and all its' bills.

• 95 currencies supported: view payments summary in any currency you prefer.