Wealth management is moving in a new direction. We want everyone to keep up.
OneVest manages your wealth like the 1%.

Goals-Based Investing

Good planning requires goals. OneVest will help you set and achieve them. We organize portfolios around your milestones to help you make the most of your money while staying focused on what matters to you.


Sit back and watch your investments grow.

Your portfolio is actively managed and automatically rebalanced, so you don't need to research or monitor the market. We do it all for you.


With OneVest, your nest eggs aren't all in one basket.

Our team manages your portfolio across a variety of traditional and alternative products, reducing risk and aiming for better returns.

Low Fees

With lower fees than traditional wealth management firms, you can grow your investments faster and keep more of what you’ve earned. We want you to reap the benefits of active management while keeping your costs low.