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onNews    News & Magazines

onNews offers abridged version of latest articles,on various categories,which are on news,updated hourly!

Goal is to provide users with latest article that they can read within a span of a few seconds.The app also provides the option to read the entire article.All articles are crisp and direct to the point so no time is wasted.Be it sports or science,onNews covers all the categories which interests you and provides personalized suggestions.Get all news about election,technology,economy,companies,budget,education and much more for free.

*Brief news - Quickly browse through all the current affairs and apt news in no time to stay up to date.With onNews,you get access to over 200 articles regardless of the category,all summarised for you.Swipe right or left to view articles.
*Dark Mode-onNews provides for a better visibility in low light environment and helps users save power and their eye by providing Dark Mode.Dark Mode enables you to read articles without hurting your eyes and consumes less energy.
*Categories - onNews allows users to read news belonging to a specific category of interest like Business,Politics,Science,Movies....the list goes on!
*Beautiful UI -onNews is no ordinary news app.It features a rich User Interface that is not only functional but also pleasing to the eye.The app is designed using latest industry standards,while having simple and elegant design in mind.
*Gesture support - onNews saves time of user like no other News app.It introduces simple and attractive gestures such as Swipe to dismiss saved bookmarks and an easy double tap to save articles,to name a few.
*Lightweight - The news app make sure that it does not drain your battery in background or consume too much of your storage needlessly.It is optimized to run on low end devices as well.