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Oriento    Education

A place where all your University Information are found.

An app that assists a university student to be familiar with different locations of the university, not only that but also recommends books and videos that gives insight in students respective course while in school.

What you are about to experience
✔️ Vast Information about your University
Oriento includes all the information you'll ever need when you are enrolled or continuing studying in your university. Info like Venues location, libraries, Canteens, Security details, your lecturers, and many more in your finger tips.

✔️ Best Visual & Spoken Instructions Navigation System

We figured out that, giving you the information won't suffice especially when you want to move around. The App has the best map with turn by turn navigation that will help any user move around the university without asking anybody and lose no time.

✔️ Instant timetable updates
By getting instant class, test, and exams notifications (offline) you will be in a good position to keep track of your timeline and prepare well for another class, test or an exam.

✔️ We care about your Future
Creators of the App believe in thinking, taking advices from others, and doing things hastily, that is why My Future section has been included where you will find opinions from experts having the same skills as you are about to pursue. This will shape and help you choose your major.

✔️ College book recommendations
We collected numerous amount of recommended books from around the world and sorted them according to each college / department in order to provide vast knowledge to whoever is ready to explore.

✔️ Hello 🇺🇸 Habari 🇹🇿
Fast and Instant Two languages internalization for both students and guests. English and Kiswahili