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OroPocket    Finance

Looking for the right app for investing in digital gold and silver? Try Oropocket, the safe and trusted online platform for gold investment
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Buy digital gold and silver for as little as Rs.1/-. There is no minimum purchasing price.
Your digital assets are safely stored in gold vaults and you can buy and sell whenever you want to
You can liquidate your assets with one tap via the UPI payment option
Simply complete your KYC and begin investing in digital silver or gold.
You can also start a SIP to buy your digital assets.
Get 1 Mg FREE when you complete your registration!

When you register with Oropocket, you automatically get 1Mg worth of gold credited into your online account. Invest for the long term with gold investments to secure your future.

Only 24 Carat Gold, with 99.99% purity

All the gold that you buy is 24 karat with 99.99% purity. Since you are buying digital gold or silver, there are no hidden charges. You invest and trade at the UK market price of gold or silver.

Buy Safely

You can use the Oropocket app or our web app to safely buy digital gold or silver. We use blockchain technology which is the most secure method used globally. And your digital assets are safely stored in highly secure vaults around the globe.

Sell Securely

Oropocket’s investing app can be used securely to sell your digital gold when you want to 24x7.

Your money is immediately transferred to your bank account within 24 hours.

Liquidate Instantly

You can liquidate your Gold/Silver assets with a single tap using the UPI payment option.

Get a digital Card

We are launching our Asset Based Debit Card which allows our users to enjoy complete liquidity with OroPocket card. Spend your assets anytime, and anywhere all across the world. Shop online, offline, or withdraw cash at the ATM.

No Minimum Investment Limit

There is no minimum investment limit that is there if you want to buy or sell. You can do gold investment for as little as Re 1/- and at the same time, you can sell as low as 1 mg of digital gold or digital silver

Best Investing app

Oropocket is a trusted and safe online platform for gold investments and for buying digital gold and silver assets digitally. Start your digital investment journey today with us.

Start Small with a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) - coming soon

Oropocket the investing app will soon be launching a SIP for those looking to invest systematically in digital assets. You can set your monthly SIP limit and we will take care of the rest.