Orthodox teaching through practice
Orthodoxia is a mobile application that contains hundreds of questions across various categories of the Orthodox faith. Orthodoxia is not simply a quiz application but rather focuses on teaching the orthodox faith through rationales from the church fathers as well as other resources of orthodox teaching. Orthodoxia allows for you to build exams based upon what you want to study and the area you want to focus on.

Orthodoxia generates exams with a combination of various settings such as different testing modes, question and category filters, and the ability to track and visualize your progress. New questions are periodically added to Orthodoxia without the need to update the application.

You may choose between different testing modes as well as select various categories and question modes to help aid in your study. The application also allows you to review past exams taken and bookmark questions for later review. With each question, you will be able to see the rationale as to why the question is correct along with any sources related to the question.

Feature list:

- Test Mode & Study mode

Test mode allows the user to use Orthodoxia as if they were taking an exam. The correct answers with the rationales will be displayed following the submission of the exam. Study mode shows the correct answer to the exam question immediately following each question.

- Track progress

Orthodoxia shows the overall progress you are making in terms of badges as well as progression of total questions answered correctly and incorrectly. With each milestone, you will be awarded a badge based upon certain criteria.

- Question and Resource bookmarking

You may choose to bookmark a certain question or resource for later review and study.

- Various question types

Question types include multiple choice, true/false, short answer, matching, ranking, and select all that apply.

- New questions and categories

Questions and categories are added periodically without the need to update the application.

- Resources
A collection of articles, videos, and links across all topics of the orthodox faith.