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Pairing - Matchmaking & Dating    Social

Find meaningful relationships or help your friends find theirs.

A beautiful social app for dating and matchmaking (match your friends) - so it's also for people who are not looking for relationships but want to help. It's for meaningful relationships - not casual - so it's taking the opposite direction from most dating apps today.

Pairing gives singles a way to passively let their connections know they are looking for relationship. It then enables their friends to introduce them to their other single friends that match their criteria.

This way, singles get exposed to a large pool of potential matches (keep reading to understand the math behind it), that are connected to them through their real-life community. This means safer dates and other advantages like reduced chance for spam or harassment and reduced chance of fake accounts. Another big advantage is the simple fact that you know who your mutual friends are, so you can get more info about the person and consult with them.

In addition, Pairing enables an optional extended-search, that means searching for potential matches outside your social circles. This increases your pool, but on the other hand, you lose the advantages of having mutual acquaintances. So, we mark every potential match with an icons that indicates whether they are connected to your community or not and whether they match your extended-search criteria or not.

Free chat with friends and potential matches.

We value your trust and your privacy, that is why unlike other apps, we do NOT serve targeted ads in the app (or ads at all), and do NOT sell your information to other parties.

Some math behind the model:
Pairing leverages on second social circles to increase your pool for finding a match. For instance, suppose you have only 5 single friends. But you have ±1,000 contacts. And suppose each of your contacts has only 5 single friends. By being exposed to your contacts' single friends, you are now exposed to a pool of ±5,000 singles. Of course some of them overlap, so the number will actually be much smaller, but still a pretty good potential and exponentially larger than your own initial pool. Really the main limit is whether these people are pairing users. So go on - and tell everyone to install Pairing to make it work the way it could. Pretty cool, right?