Palco MP3
Palco MP3 is a Brazilian app for independent artists to share their music and for users to discover new talents.
Palco MP3 is a Brazilian digital music platform, primarily aimed at independent artists seeking a way to share their work without relying on major record labels. Launched by Studio Sol, also known for Cifra Club, the app has become one of the main music distribution tools in Brazil. It offers users free access to a vast catalog of music across various genres, from sertanejo and forró to rock and hip-hop, reflecting the rich musical diversity of the country.

The platform allows artists to upload their songs, albums, and EPs directly to the app, facilitating the management of their online presence and direct contact with the audience. For users, Palco MP3 provides the opportunity to discover new talents, listen to music online or offline, create personalized playlists, and share their discoveries on social media. With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, the app promotes a rewarding musical experience, supporting the independent music scene and contributing to the democratization of access to culture.