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Party Mafia    Game_casual

Classic party game reinvented for your phone
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Party Mafia is based on the popular game Mafia or Werewolf.

In the town of Castle Rock, crime is rampant as the mafia is out of control. The townsfolk are banding together to try and root out the mafia and get them off the streets.

An undercover detective is hard on the case to uncover the mafia members but must not blow his cover. As a citizen of Castle Rock, it is your job to help locate the mafia before it’s too late. As a mafia member, you must secretly try and murder the rest of the innocent townsfolk before you are caught and executed.

Get all your friends together for a fun night of mafia, but instead of having a moderator and a confusing set of rules, let this app run the game for you. Everyone downloads the app to their own phone and off you go! Party Mafia will teach everyone the rules, assign roles, decide who is going to be executed, and even adds some additional twists with new expansion roles!

Party Mafia offers lots of expansion roles, each adding a whole new dimension to the game. You'll never grow tired of this game as you can try out numerous roles.

A normal 10 person game of mafia can take well over an hour or two to finish, but with the Party Mafia app, you'll find that games progress much quicker as the interface allows users to quickly and easily vote on who they want to kill without waiting for the moderator to push the game along.

You'll never want to play it the old way after you've experienced mafia done right.